Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vintage Vera Neumann Towel Apron

Vintage Vera Neumann aprons are not all that common. A favorite with vintage clothing & accessories collectors, Vera was (and is still) well-known for her iconic scarves but she also designed home goods and clothing. I've sold several of each but this is the first terrycloth towel apron by Vera that I've found.

Probably from the 1970s, this is a simple vintage waist apron made of white cotton terrycloth. The waistband and tie is grosgrain ribbon and the edge is bound with matching bias tape. I LOVE the huge orange poppy print with the green foliage or grass... it's SO VERA, lol! There's no manufacturer's label but the apron is completed by the signature with the ladybug. 

Meant to be one-size-fits-all; it's shown on my dress form that has a 27" waist. Pre-owned, it's in terrific condition with no stains or pulls to the terrycloth loops. I have 2 of these available. Click here to purchase at my website, Acme Aprons. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Vintage Apron Pattern Score

I got all excited & happy to find these two apron patterns while at a thrift store. Both are larger sizes, which are harder to find. Women seemed to be smaller than we are today. When I counted the pattern pieces to see if they were complete. Simplicity 2556, the one without the pattern envelope, was complete. But alas, the other one, McCall 1104 dated 1944, was missing one piece, the optional shoulder ruffle. I think I have this pattern in a different size and can copy the piece; since it's gathered anyway, exact length shouldn't matter much.

I've been selling vintage sewing patterns online for 10+ years and have checked hundreds if not thousands of patterns. I often wonder where those missing pieces went? I suppose people that sewed were just as busy then as we are today. Maybe the person who sewed the garment hated the way it turned out; or maybe it just didn't matter enough to be bothered with.

Of course no one back then had any idea that those old patterns would be collected and used again 50+ years later. I'm sure my grandmother would be amused! (No, she didn't save her patterns... too bad).

Friday, September 26, 2014

The NEW IMPROVED Acme Aprons

I've been away for quite awhile, building my used clothing business on eBay and Etsy. (The grass is always greener, right?) It's been a moderate success; I shouldn't complain. But after quite a bit of reflection, I've finally realized that both businesses I've built are not truly MY own business. Don't get me wrong- I'm not saying there's anything wrong with either place. But I'm only a very small sub-contractor with absolutely NO say about policy that affects my customer and myself. That doesn't sit well with this seasoned entrepreneur.

So I've come back to my roots... sourcing vintage textiles and creating handmade goods to sell directly to a happy customer, online. Sounds easy but it's going to be a bumpy, messy ride for awhile as I get all my internet puzzle pieces to fit the big picture. Please excuse the dust as I try to fit my new shopping cart into my website, choose a social media platform, redo this blog, and refit my home workspace to my current needs. I think it will be worth the effort... hope you'll agree!

Todays project is product photos. In a perfect world I'd have staff to do this. Nope... it's only me. So every time I change or add a selling venue I have to take new pictures; which means ironing, etc AGAIN. My consolation is that the pictures are improving every time.

Well, writing more is just me procrastinating... avoiding today's task. I'll post a picture to show my progress, if any. See what I said about messy? That's a stack of handmade aprons after being pressed & photographed, ready to store until purchase.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Musing On A Friday Well Spent

Sitting here with my feet up, exhausted after a l-o-n-g day. But it was a good day, so tired is fine with me.

Today was mostly about treasure hunting with my sister, looking for the things we sell online. Vintage hunting involves driving miles and miles to estate sales that sound good but are actually pretty poor garage sales full of baby clothing and toys. Nothing against those things, but they're not even close to what I'm looking for.

Too many sales like that lately has been depressing. But today we found some actual estate sales! Finding good stuff was a welcome change after the past few "dry" weekends. Only one apron today, but it's a raspberry-pink cotton waist apron with burgundy bias trim, and embroidery. Embroidered aprons make me smile, and this one's so pretty!

I'm hunting again tomorrow, so I'd better finish my drink and head to bed. G'night!

Monday, July 4, 2011

OMG, Move It Where??!!

Haven't written a blog post in forever. I've been busy tho, sewing aprons and doing antique-dealer things. Lots of shopping, and selling in my stores on Etsy & eBay. But mostly I've been in the throes of moving. Sorting and hauling.

I'm not going anywhere, except up two flights of stairs from my basement studio. Because of a family situation, I'm smashing my two workrooms into one. That's a challenge since both rooms were full. Very full.

One room is my eBay/Etsy room... where I store the things I'm selling. That's mostly vintage clothing, antiques & aprons.

The other room is my sewing room, where I work and store textile related things... fabric, yarn, patterns, thread... beads... the list goes on. Did I mention I have a lot of supplies? Oh, yeah.

Because of that damn TV show, people keep saying the "H" word about my stuff. That offends me. I HAVE A LOT of everything, but don't consider myself a hoarder at all. I sell and make stuff. Stuff is my business. I've been buying fabric for many, many years... it's genuine vintage fabric. Not easy to replace. I sell it online, sew with it and share it with F&F that need fabric. Hoarders don't get rid of stuff... so I'm okay.

I will admit it's going to be nice to have an organized workspace when I'm finally finished with the new room. That should be in about a week, since we're on a deadline, (and I have a custom-order apron to sew.)

It's a big old house, so I'm trying to store boxes of fabric here & there, so I don't over-crowd my sewing room again. Hope I remember where I put things... but I'm not too optimistic about that. I'll have to re-organize when I have more time later.

Wish I'd taken before & after photos. I'll post a picture of the new space when I'm finished. I'll be glad when the moving is all done!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Accidental Sexy Apron Incident

I'm kind of dense sometimes. You know how it is... you get totally caught up in what you're doing and don't see anything from another perspective. Here's an example.

I'm all about aprons- I buy, sell and collect them. So I found an vintage apron pattern I really like and made one as a birthday gift for a friend.

It's a vintage apron pattern from a 50s how-to booklet. They described it as a perfect gift for mother- either as a clothespin apron or a hostess apron. Sounds harmless, huh?

Well, I gave her the apron, and I think she was embarrassed. She said "I could wear it by itself." Huh? An awkward "thanks" followed.

Later I asked my hubby. He confirmed... yep, terribly sexy apron. Wow, who knew? I sure didn't! That's what I mean about dense.

But I was looking for a sexy retro apron to add to my line... guess I found one!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh No, My Iron Died

And now, a moment of silence for my dear, departed steam iron. The poor dear died last night at 12:30, while I was sewing an apron for a birthday party the next morning. I guess having back-up tools is a good idea... but I didn't have a spare iron sitting around. This brought my sewing to a screeching halt until morning.

After a cup of coffee, I plugged in my iron to see if I'd been imagining things. Nope, it was still dead. (DH did an iron autopsy in his workshop to find the cause of death... a fried circuit board.)

A quick trip to Fred Meyer (Krogers) was in order. With little $$ to spend and even less time, I found an acceptable iron for $10.00!!! That's so cheap it's almost sad. I took it home anyway.

It's definitely a budget iron, to be replaced when possible, with something with features. But it steams and presses, so I can't complain. The apron was finished and gifted successfully!

It did make me think about the gals (and gents) that ironed the incredibly detailed clothing of the Victorian and Edwardian era. Have you ever hefted a "Sad Iron"? I can't imagine laundry day, much less ironing day, using a 10 or 15 pound hunk of hot iron you've heated on the wood stove. Ironing delicate pleated blouses, silk dresses and even bed sheets. Ok, now I'm happy with my cheesy, cheap but effective iron!